How to get your project started!


Here is how you can customize your firearm or whatever you want to be cerakoted!


Download the order form and print it out!

  • Fill out the order form completely – Be sure to include a detailed list of any parts you are sending us! (If it is not on the order form we can’t be held responsible for it) –Please let us know the color/pattern you would like your project to be painted – BE SPECIFIC! The more detail the better so we can make your project exactly how you want it. You can even include reference pictures if you’d like!
  • If shipping from home please send a copy of your drivers license
  • If shipping from an FFL please include a copy of your FFL’s License
  • Pack up your project with the order form included and ship it to us! Be sure to wrap items good, we are not responsible for items damaged during shipping
    Ship to:


Cerakote Southwest
801 Pendale Rd
El Paso, TX 79907


  • Once we receive your project we will work our magic and give you a call when the project is complete if you are paying by credit card to settle payment. After that your project will be shipped back for you to enjoy!